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Main Forum


Important News

This forum will contain news and announcements relevent to the site and to the forums in particular. If you've been having problems with the site, you might want to check here to see if we're already on the case. If not, please drop us an email or give us a call to let us know.
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General Enquiries

Do you have a question about Bob Tait's Aviation Theory School, the books or one of our courses? This is the place to ask.
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Introduce yourself

We encourage new members to post a short introduction of themselves in this forum category. Get to know each other and share your common interests.
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Help and Suggestions

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this site or if you are having problems with any our products e.g. books, cyberexams or the website, please use this forum to let us know. Technical questions on subjects can be posted to the "Questions and Answers" section below.
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Bob Tait's Aviation Theory School: Online

This forum is for information on Bob's upcoming Online Theory School. We'll be posting screenshots, screencasts and progress updates here as development continues. If you have any questions or suggestion for the online school, please feel free to post them here
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CPL Conversion

Requirements for converting overseas CPL to Australian CPL
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General Information

With the rise of the UAS industry, more and more operators are working their way through the current CASA requirement for PPL and IREX theory passes. This forum acts as a meeting point for UAV specialists, operators and pilots.
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Questions and Answers


Helpful Tips and Resources

This forum is the collecting point for tips and resources that might help you with your studies. If you have any handy tips or ideas to offer your fellow students, please post them here.
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Please post any questions you have that relate to your studies at BAK/PPL level.
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Please post your CPL questions into one of the subject forums below.
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Instrument Rating (IREX)

Post your questions relating to IREX here.
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Hangar Talk


Around the coffee table...

This is the forum where our students can discuss things relating to their studies or experiences they have had while studying Bob's courses. Please keep it clean, professional and of course entertaining!
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Photos and Videos

This forum is for any interesting photos or links to videos you want to contribute. Multimedia on a particular theme *could* be posted together in a single thread but we leave that up to your disgression. Remember, keep 'em clean or at least keep 'em entertaining...
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Where are they now?

This is where you can post your aviation success stories. Have you just got your first job? Did you just pass your exams? We want to keep in touch with our students so please feel free to post. This forum is also for those of you who are trying to catch up with past student colleagues. Post here and perhaps someone on the forums knows where they ended up.
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Fun Stuff

Have you seen a flying-related story or photo that made you laugh? Post it here and share the chuckle. Just remember, not every member is a grizzled old "been there, done that, had the antibiotics" pilot. Some students here may be well under 18, so please keep it clean(ish)
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