Below is the current errata list for this textbook. These errata will be corrected in the next edition

18.04.2023  Up dates to references.  CPL_AIR_LAW_REFERENCE_CHANGES.pdf


Page 144 Question 21.  There seems to be a formating problem with the question text.  The question has been rewritten as follows.  The answer should be (d).

Question 21
Your aircraft has a maximum crosswind component of 20kt. If you conducted flight of 70nm by day, which of the following items in the destination aerodrome TAF would always impose an alternate requirement?
(a) a forecast wind on the only runway in excess of 20kt
(b) 4/8 cloud with a base of 1200ft AGL
(c) 6/8 cloud with a base of 1500ft AGL
(d) a crosswind on the only runway in excess of 20kt


                    Page 178 Question 15  now reads 
                                                           One situation in which a passenger is required to wear a seatbelt is when
                                                           (a) flying over water
                                                           (b) flying over a restricted area
                                                           (c) taxiing
                                                           (d) flying below 1000ft AGL

                                        Answer (c)


A new section has been added to the AIP 'When ATIS is temporarily unavailable'.  Traffic information broadcast by aircraft (TIBA). See AIP ENR 1.1 para 11.  Questions on this could be included in MET or AIR LAW exams.


A new page has been added after page 74.  Communication requirements for air transport operations. PCA_Chart.pdf




2 December 2021 was a signifcant day for Australia’s aviation industry. That was when CASA
decided to enshrine the most notable change to this country’s aviation regulation since the postWWII period.

This book is titled the first revised edition of the CPL Law Book because it is likely the first of
many necessary revisions – the changes are too signifcant to ignore their effects over time, and
CASA must now implement what it produced.

That will not be easy, and we will inevitably see
additional changes to the new regulatory material in the short term and revised editions of this
book. Afer all, CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019 underwent many changes  
over many years before it reached its final form.

This first revised edition, then, is an attempt to incorporate changes we have recently learned
about and material we feel confdent to publish as of 30 June 2022. The changes are not many on
this occasion, but each change was noted and considered as we learned about or noticed it.

We are also trying to incorporate useful guidance material over time and identify and publish any

concerns about regulatory material and processes that become apparent 






Page 27     The following question was missing in some books.  Here is the missing question and answer. 

        Question 4

       Where would you look to find detailed operational information on in-flight procedures?

      (a) CASR                       (b) CAO

      (c) AIP                           (d) ERSA       Answer: AIP


                   Page 146   Question 12   The TAF service provided for a domestic aerodrome with a control tower and more than 80,000                                                                       movements per year is"

                                                               Now Reads 

                                                             The TAF service provided for a domestic aerodrome with a control tower and more than 75,000                                                                      movements per year is:  

                                       Question 17  The answer is correct is (a)   The answer given was (d) 



Question 8  Two answers were given.  The correct answer is (d).  Question 23.  No answer was given the correct answer is (a)


                Air Law amendments


Page 149, Question 4.  Answer should be (d) not (a).

Page 127, Question No 11 answer.  7,30LMT to 12.30LMT should have been 5 hours 30 minutes.  The correct answer is (d) 2200LMT.
           Replacement section for Fatigue Risk Management reflecting the 'new' CAO 48.1 instrument  2019 This new section
           completely replaces the Fatigue Risk Management section in the current book. This is a updated version with 
           amended questions to reflect the changes in the instrument. Updated_Replacement_Fatigue_Risk_Management 2019.pdf


Page 110 Appendix 1 Research Questions Appendix 1.  Question 1 answer should be (d) 8 hours.  (See Appendix 1 para 2.3).


         Page 150 Sample Question Set 4  Question 9 the answer is (b) not (a)


Replacement section for Fatigue Risk Management reflecting the 'new' CAO 48.1 insturment  2019.  This new section completely replaces the Fatigue Risk Management section in the current book.  Replacement-Fatigue Risk Management 2019.pdf.


Page 93.  Note at the top of the page.  This note makes reference to 2018.  CASA have ammended that date to March 2020


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