The folowing supplements are available for use with the relevant textbooks. Please feel free to download and print them out for your own use. to download, right click the link and save the file to your computer. Alternatively, click the link and the supplement will open in a new window or tab in your browser. 


IREX PBN Supplement

With the introduction of Performance Based navigation (PBN) into the syllabus, a new chapter has been added to the IREX textbook covering this material. Should you have an older edition of the IREX text, you can download this chapter here.


CASA RPL_PPL_CPL_aeroplane_workbook

The following workbook is a copy of CASA's exam booklet which is required when completing the Bob Tait Exam Preps.



Part 61 Supplements:

After September 1st, the new Part 61 regulation suite will come into effect and this has had quite an impact on the licensing regulations. We have incorporated these new changes into supplements which consist of those pages affected by the new rules or comments on what has changed.

You are free to download these supplements, print them out and read them in parallel with your current copies of the RPL, PPL, IREX and CPL Air Law books. 

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