The RPL/PPL Vol 1 textbook changes and relevant errata will be listed here.


                    The PRD section in the ERSA has changed to SUA (Special User Airspace) and page 303 has been amended to

                     reflect the changes.      Updated Page 303



Page 194.  Last answer last line on the bottom of the page.  +9 change to -9.


                  Page 397  Question 37 answer is [b]

                                    Question 41 answer is [b]




               Page 222                   CAR 256         -->     CASR 91.520  

                                                  CAR 6.16       -->     CASR 67.265

                                                  CAR 6.16(a)   -->     CASR 67.265(3)a

                Page 223                   CAR 6.04       -->     CASR 67.235

                Page 225                   CAR  6.16(a)  -->     CASR 67.265(3)a


RPL/PPL Volume 1 introduces the basics of take-off and landing performance and aircraft weight and balance using the BRAVO loading system as an example. (pages 184 to 216).

However, the CASA RPLA exam will contain questions on various other take-off and landing performance charts and loading systems for the ALPHA, BRAVO AND CHARLIE aircraft.

These areas are covered in much more detail in RPL/PPL Volume 2 Pages 1 to 55. You should get your copy of Volume 2 and study Pages 1 to 55 before you attempt the CASA RPLA exam.


                Page 274   Question 4   Part 61.115  You must have had a dual check in the previous 30 days and you must not exceed three hours of solo flight since the last dual check unless you are enrolled in an integrated training course.                            ( changed from 14 days)




Page 299 Question No 32.  This question was based on the 'old' CAO which no longer applies.  It has been replaced with the following.  "One item that must be covered in a passenger safety briefing is-"  Answer "When seat belts must be worn and how to use them".  Part 91 MOS 20.06 and Plain English Guide Page 34 to 36.




               The table of contents page has been updated it now reads like this Capture3




The colour of mogas has changed in recent times.  It now depends upon the grade.  Regular is greenish/bluish, Midgrade is yellowish and Premium is pink.

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