The following represent the current errata collected together for the RAA BAK and RAA Cross Country Navigation textbooks.


Page 1 Intro to Human Factors.  Terrible Typo.  Blood Alcohol Limit for pilots is 0.02 not 0.2 !!    

12.11.2022 We have made extensive amendments to the RAAus BAK book.  You can download the amended section here.


RAAus BAK Issue 4

Page 185.  In an RAAus registered aircraft it is not permitted to carry an infant on the lap of an adult passenger, nor is it permitted for two children to occupy the one seat.  The answer given applies only to VH registered aircraft.  See the extract from the RAAus Operations Bulletin 0121 below.


Carriage of infants or children.

RAAus aircraft are limited to the carriage of one person per seat (no infants may be carried on the lap if an adult, nor can two children share a single seat) and the aircraft must be operated according to the Group of aircraft and the pilot must be appropriately certified.

RAAus Operations Bulletin 0121






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