Below is the current errata list for this textbook. These errata will be corrected in the next edition.


Page 46/47. The words 'high' and 'low have been swapted.  The difference between the illusion and the pilot's response was unclear.  The paragraph on page 46 has been rewritten and a new diagram has been included on page 47.  The paragraph in the centre of page 46 now reads as follows.  "On final approach on a clear night, runway lights can appear brighter and closer than they really are, giving thepilot the impression that the runway is closer than it really is and the aircraft is too low. By the same argument, ona night with visibility reduced by haze or smoke, runway lights appear further away than they actually are, giving
the impression that the approach is too high".  HPL_page_46-47.pdf

         New Section of HPL study guide.     docxLeadership


Page 147 Question No 5.  Choice (b) should be 'the terrain slopes up to the threshold'.


Page 148 Final Exam 2.  The answer should be (d).  The question asks for the item that is not a feature of the short term memory.


Page 55 Question 32.  Choice (b) should read 'dimmer' not 'brighter'


Page 130 Question No 6.  The answer should be (a).


Page 99.  STAGES OF SLEEP.  It seems that REM (rapid eye movement) is now classified as a separate stage of sleep.  The HPL book included REM as part of stage 4 sleep.  I have reworded this paragraph putting REM as a separate stage thereby creating five stages of sleep instead of four as indicated in the current version of the book.  However a Google search will show that many publications still indicate only four stages of sleep. 

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