Below is the current errata list for this textbook. These errata will be corrected in the next edition.



Page 130 Question No 6.  The answer should be (a).


Page 99.  STAGES OF SLEEP.  It seems that REM (rapid eye movement) is now classified as a separate stage of sleep.  The HPL book included REM as part of stage 4 sleep.  I have reworded this paragraph putting REM as a separate stage thereby creating five stages of sleep instead of four as indicated in the current version of the book.  However a Google search will show that many publications still indicate only four stages of sleep. 


Page 135 'More TEM Questions' . The answer to question 7 should be [b]


Page 11.1.  Change the answer to Set 2 Question No 5 to [a].


Page 10.23  Answers.  Change the answer to Question No 1 to [c]


Page 10.23 Question No. 10: answer option (a) should read "a systemic countermeasure employed to manage an unexpected threat". Regular training is an example of a systemic countermeasure and not a planning countermeasure.


Page 10.18 Question No 3.  The answer given was [b].  That was a typo, the correct answer is [a].


Page 11.1 Answers to Exercise 4,  Question 26 should be [d].  The rods are concentrated around the fovea but the retinal periphery contains the majority of the rod cells.


Page 9.8, third paragraph from the bottom and Page 9.12 also third paragraph from the bottom.  The human 25 hour cycle has recently been shown to be the result of faulty experimental technique.  Reference to the 25 hour cycle has been removed and more recent information has been included.


Page 10.19 The Answer for question 3 on page 10.18 should be [a].

The answer option numbering for questions 1-3 on page 10.22 should be [a], [b], [c], [d] and not [a], [b],[b],[d]. The answers to these questions are unchanged.

More TEM Questions, Q9 option [d] on page 10.28 should read:

[d] aircraft configuration, ground navigation and aircraft handling


The section on TEM has been significantly reworked and additional questions have been added. This new version of TEM will appear in subsequent editions of the texbook. It is already available in the E-Text version.


Page 8.5: The last letter was missing from the labels on the step diagram in some printings. They should read (from left to right): 
SensationPerceptionDecision and Response.


HPL TEM (10.06.2010) - Updates with the new Threat and Error Management section. (PDF 2.29 Mb)

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