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Below is the current errata list for this textbook. These errata will be corrected in the next edition.

The required aeronautical knowledge for the CASA NAVIGATION EXAM is largely unchanged.  However there have been some changes affecting the document references where the information can be found.  The links below will assist in finding the new references that affect the CPL NAVIGATION study guide.  docxNAVIGATION_references.docx



         Page 30 Answers to Exercise N 8a 

                     The table contains incorrect answers for the required fuel column both gals and litres

                      This the updated table. 

                    Screenshot 2023 09 25 094948


Topic 3 TIME.  Page 35 to Page 45. 

                                               Beginning of daylight (BOD) is now called first light.                                                             

                                                       End of daylight (EOD) is now called last light.  Change to terminology only - no change to working.


     Page 68: AIP ENR 1.1 para 4.1.2 now reads AIP ENR 1.1 para 4.2

     Page 175  AIP ENR 1.1 para now reads AIP ENR 1.1 para 4.2.4

     Page 176 AIP ENR 1.1 para b now reads AIP ENR 1.1 para b

     Page 176  AIP ENR 1.1 para 4.1.12  now reads  AIP ENR 1.1 para 2.1.2


          Progress Test 5  

                  Answer to  Question No 3 [c] AIP ENR 1.1 para  now reads   AIP ENR 1.1 para 4.2.4


          Page 28 Finding Safe Endurance.

           "Now let's rework the exercise above and include a requirement for a 15% variable reserve" now reads 10%



          Page 106 Answer 2 now reads "CA is 2 in 60 which is 2°"



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