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Rpl Exam fail

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gc72 created the topic: Rpl Exam fail

Hi all aspiring aviators,
I had my first attempt at getting my RPL exam over and done with a couple of days ago. Now first off I will say I didn’t walk in hoping to pass, I walked in with a clear intention of seeing how the questions were written because that is my down fall. For me testing knowledge in a multiple choice question format can be some what confusing, especially the way they are worded.
With the exam if you fail you can get a print out of where your knowledge deficiencies lay, if you get over 50%, if you don’t well.......... your on your own.
So enough rambling, some things I went into the exam under prepared was meteorology, clouds, certain cloud formations that can create turbulence, mountain cloud formation which to be honest had I no idea about, and squalls.
Q’s on Plane configuration for level flight, stress of weather flying ie; vfr vmc limitations and what to do if.....
Q’s on TEM in flight operations (Threat and error management)
There was a sensory Q about reducing visual disorientation sensation which was interesting
A couple of Q’s on carby heat and effects of icing, ie; how does it effect mixture in height and different configuration
Q’s on gauge readings, which ones do what
Take off and landing and loading sheets, I got bravo (which I could definitely scrub up on)
And the old stall speed in banking and general aviation type general knowledge, conversion lbs to weight Q.
The Q are not as wordy as some practice test Questions that I had been practicing with, I would say pretty straight forward however READ the whole Q!!, you didn’t need to figure out what the question was asking or trying to ask before reaching into your knowledge bank if you get my drift, they didn’t seem as ambiguous or confusing as some practice exams that I had purchased from different pilot shop's.
My big take home was definitely clouds and weather deficits, have the load, landing and take offs down and squared away and not worry to much about the way the questions are formatted. Hope this helps, stay safe, keep feathering it and keep it high and tight.

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BobTaitNo1Fan replied the topic: Rpl Exam fail

I have to say, I barely scraped the pass mark for my RPL exam in May. I'm now up to CPL level with 2 exams left (performance & navigation). After my first fail the instructor at my flying school said that exams only get easier after RPL. I thought how could that be possible? Surely RPL is made to be easier so that aspiring pilots aren't scared away if they fail! Turns out, he's totally correct. RPL is in my opinion the struggle stage of theory training, once you get past RPL you are simply building and reinforcing your RPL GK. PPL is basically RPL with navigation added and CPL is great because you really get in deep with each subject. Hang in there and don't give up. Everyone gets through RPL IF they really have the passion.

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gc72 replied the topic: Rpl Exam fail

Thanks BT1fan, nice job on the progression

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