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PPL Exam in 5 days - Scared!

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flying1984 created the topic: PPL Exam in 5 days - Scared!

Hi All,

I have gone through all the Bob Tait PPL videos (I am thankful for the opportunity to watch this content!), and am going through the PPL practice exams.

I have no idea how I'm going to on the actual exam. My first attempt was 84% (confidence booster), then my second one was 68% (confidence killer).

My plan is to hit the Vol1/2 exercises and review the working out, then hit more PPL exam papers over the next few days and weekend.

One thing I have noticed; I have purchased myself the current AIP book, but everything that I have needed, reference wise, I have found from the ERSA and VFRG books?? I feel like this might be contributing to my second practice exam low score, or maybe the other reference texts aren't as important??

Keen to hear people's views on this.

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bobtait replied the topic: PPL Exam in 5 days - Scared!

As far as the PPL exam is concerned, the VFGR is adequate. It replaces the CAR, CASR and CAO as well as the AIP. You will still need ERSA. Good luck with the exam - let us know how you go!


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flying1984 replied the topic: PPL Exam in 5 days - Scared!

After watching all the Bob Tait PPL videos and having gone through the Bob Tait Volume 1 book twice and Vol 2 once, and worked through most of examples and sat through 3 untimed exams (achieved 84%, 68% and 78% respectively), in the actual PPLA Exam today I passed with 84%!

I’m still on a high with that result.

I found that there was ample time to complete all questions, I even took a toilet break in the middle to clear my head and get some air!
I completed the exam with about 1.5 hours to go, which gave me ample time to review about 7 questions that I marked to go back and think though more thoroughly. I ended up having to redo a loading chart (first time round I worked out density height of Aerodrome when the chart requests pressure height only! Why? Because I over think stuff...) and was happier with my reviewed answer.

I primarily used the VFRG (just about for everything lol), and had the ERSA opened up to the conversion page; it pretty much didn’t move from this page.

I didn’t take the CASR/CARS/CAO/CAAPS in, but the invigilator gave me a copy of the CAAPS 92 and 234 (relevant sections). I only used this once to confirm an answer around fuel reserves required.

All in all, the Bob Tait sample exams are very similar in structure to the CASA PPLA questions, so I felt very comfortable with the format and content, and of course you have to be careful when reading the questions!

My tip; to optimise time, if you don’t know an answer or if you’re unsure if it’s correct, don’t mull on it too long, Mark it and move on to the next one. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get through the exams and how much time you have left to go through any uncertain questions. By the end, I had time to read through 10 VFRG pages to find an answer and found it! Read some interesting things in the exam too.

Just want to say, if you go through the content provided by Bob Tait in his books and in his PPL Videos, and complete the exercises and sample exams, I think there’s a good chance you’re going to do well in the CASA exam too!

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  • Stuart Tait

Stuart Tait replied the topic: PPL Exam in 5 days - Scared!

Congratulations that is one of the hardest exams to pass and an 84 is a solid result


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