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VFR above BKN cloud

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rubber created the topic: VFR above BKN cloud

Hi Bob,

AIP ENR 1.1 para 4.2.1 says under the VFR, the pilot in command must navigate the aircraft by visual reference to the ground or water.

In revision for PPL Air Law, under 'Navigation Requirements under VFR' it is written,
"If more than half the sky is covered [ie 'broken or overcast cloud], a VFR flight may proceed above it providing it is navigated by reference to approved radio navigation equipment."

Q. Is a non-instrument rated pilot permitted to satisfy the need for position fixes using radio aids and GPS when above more than SCT cloud?


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Stuart Tait replied the topic: VFR above BKN cloud

AIP ENR 1.1 para 4.2.1 (f) and Note 1

The pilot in command of a VFR flight wishing to navigate by
means of radio navigation systems or any other means must
indicate in the flight notification only those radio navigation
aids with which the aircraft is equipped and the pilot is
competent to use under CASR 61.385

Note 1: A pilot must not undertake a VFR flight on top of more
than SCT cloud unless the aircraft is equipped with serviceable
flight and navigation instruments as specified in CAO 20.18
Appendix IV

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