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Crosswind Techniques

  • sachinj
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sachinj created the topic: Crosswind Techniques

HI All,

Following question was in my PPL sample paper from my flight school
it states Regarding crosswind landing technique, which answer is not correct?
A. With wind from right, the left aileron will be up, left rudder applied
B. With wind from the left, not enough rudder will cause a drift to the upwind runway edge
C. with wind from the right, too much left rudder will cause a drift to the downwind runway edge
D. With wind from the right, too much right aileron will cause a drift to the downwind runway edge

This question do not make sense for me, I spend my whole day trying to figure out the answer for this, I wonder if the CASA questions are similar to this question, I have my PPL exam on Friday, can you please explain this question and the options for me

Thanks a lot in advance

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