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AIP Fuel requirements-

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MikeA210 created the topic: AIP Fuel requirements-

Hi,Fellow Aviators!

I'm due to sit my PPL CASA exam in a few weeks time and have had consistent issues with understanding Fuel planning with relation to the AIP. In the AIP, it states that if your ETA is within 30 mins of the cessation period, sufficient fuel must be carried. Does this mean that if I were to arrive, say, 15 minutes after the Cessation time, that i'd have to carry 15 minutes worth of Fuel to cover the 30 minute period?
Also, what would the requirement be if I were to Arrive past the 30 minute buffer- Must I carry the 30 minutes fuel plus fuel for the time after the buffer? (e.g. arriving 40 minutes past the cessation time)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  • CameronD

CameronD replied the topic: AIP Fuel requirements-

I'm new here also (PPL exam next week!), but I see no-one has answered your question so I'll have a go:

First off, don't get the 30mins Fixed Reserve tangled up with Holding Fuel - you might need both. Second, I'm not sure what you mean by 'Cessation time' (it doesn't appear in CAAP 234-1), but if you're referring to maybe a TAF INTER or TEMPO, then (as I understand it) you need to carry sufficient fuel for holding 30mins (or 60mins) after your planned arrival time - refer Pg 176 of the RPL/PPL Study Guide Vol2.

Hope this helps... and good luck in your exam!


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bobtait replied the topic: AIP Fuel requirements-

Also, remember there is a difference between forecast conditions and operational requirements (OPRs). For example.

INTER 2304/2308 5000 +SH BKN030 in a TAF is telling you that commencing at 0400 and and ceasing at 0800 on the 23rd, there will be periods of up to 30 minutes when the conditions will be as described (visibility of 5000m, heavy showers and 5 to 7 eighths of cloud with a base of 3000ft AGL). These are the FORECAST CONDITIONS that the MET man believes will occur.

However, because they are below the alternate minima, the pilot must carry an extra 30mins holding fuel. That is the OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENT that the pilot must obey. The pilot must allow for the possibility that the MET man may be wrong. So, just in case those conditions begin earlier than 0400 or continue after 0800, for any pilot arriving after 0330 or before 0430 the OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENT will apply.

Any arrival outside 0330 to 0430, will not have any requirement for holding.

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