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PCA / ARFORs related questions

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lostinspace2011 created the topic: PCA / ARFORs related questions

While the CASA Day workbook contains a rough copy of the relevant PCA pages, I am still a little confused.

For example Question 67 from the RPL/PPL Sample Exam questions

To fly from YNBR, YSGE and YWLG which ARFORS are required.

All 3 airports are in the overlap between area 20 and 22.

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However the right answer calls for areas 20,22 and 41.

Is the reason we require the neighbouring areas to give us a bigger picture of the weather ? Where can I find more information on which ARFORS are required.

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: PCA / ARFORs related questions

The short answer is that ARFOR's don't exist anymore, they were replaced by GAF's on the 9th November last year, I suggest you look at the errata pages on the site and download the GAF updates for PPL


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