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Performance Charts

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rickyl created the topic: Performance Charts

Do we need to factor winds in the CASA exam?

I've been told by my instructors that when doing the charts for flight, the winds should be left at zero and only in the exam should I be factoring the winds into the chart. Though if I factor winds into the exam, technically the exam would be in breach of CAO 20.7.4. My first attempt I got the TOW charts wrong for Piper style charts and I fly pipers and have been doing them for the past 8 months. Second attempt was Cessna charts which I got wrong as it was an error i overlooked.

CAO 20.7.4 Para 4.1, (d)

(d) a weight which, allowing for normal consumption of fuel and oil in flight and taking into account either the forecast temperature and pressure or approved declared conditions, will permit compliance with the landing distance limitations specified in subsection 10 related to the longest available landing length under conditions of zero wind.

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bobtait replied the topic: Performance Charts

You will notice that CAO 20.7.4 is actually talking about TAKE-OFF weight. It is saying that you cannot TAKE OFF at a weight that would make it impossible to safety land. So, if your take-off weight is limited by the landing at the other end of the trip, you must calculate that landing weight using no wind. It is considered too optimistic to take off at a weight that requires a certain wind to be blowing when you cross the fence to land. Surface wind is often variable.

However, if a question simply says, 'what is the maximum landing weight permitted under the given conditions', then you would use the wind. Otherwise there would be no point having a wind argument on the chart in the first place.


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