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Human Factors/Performance RPL level

  • stilluntitled97
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stilluntitled97 created the topic: Human Factors/Performance RPL level

Hey guys,
Ive begun to work through the Human Factors chapter of the RPL study guide and have become overwhelmed with the amount of content. As a general summary, what and to what detail would be suggested knowledge for the exam?

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Richard replied the topic: Human Factors/Performance RPL level


Unfortunately, anything in the HPL section of the book is fair game since it covers the syllabus. That means I can't tell you which bits you can safely skip but at RPL level, the questions will be fairly basic. Just make sure you work on the TEM section, know your illusions and basic anatomy of vision and hearing as a start.

Apart from that, perhaps feedback from those who have sat the CASA version of the exam might help. Since the RPL theory exam is usually set by the flying school where you do your training, why not ask your instructors what they would like you to concentrate on?



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  • simon103
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simon103 replied the topic: Human Factors/Performance RPL level


Sorry if i'm a bit late. Just thought i would give my 2 cents worth.

As Rich said, most schools set their own BAK exams. In my case, i only had a couple of HPL questions which was lucky because it was probably my worst subject. I passed my PPL exam in march this year after failing it the first time. The reason i failed was simple and very evident. When i looked at my KDR, the majority of questions i got wrong were basic questions from BAK. When i was studying for my PPL, i was so focused on trying to get my MET, nav and air law knowledge up to scratch i completely forgot about the basics. Quite frankly i just didn't know the BAK questions would be on the PPL exam. So i went to my local pilot shop and bought Bob's HPL and CPL General Knowledge books and just. Over the next couple of months i had my head in all my books. RPL, PPL, HPL and the General knowledge book. Those few weeks focusing on the basics gave me the extra 10 or 15% i needed to pass, and pass fairly convincingly.

You're right, there's a lot of info and it's very overwhelming. Just being on here, getting help, asking questions is the best way to learn. Do practice exams and keep doing them until you're at a confident level to do the real thing. I did 3 exams a day for about 3 weeks before my PPL exam. You really need to study everything, even if you think it's not necessary it will probably turn out to be very necessary. That's just the nature of the game. My tip to you is to study more than you think you need to. No matter how much you study there will always be questions that will stump you and always be questions that will make you wonder why they're even on the test. once you get to PPL level you'll thank yourself for the extra study you did during RPL. My last tip is... DON'T FORGET BAK WHEN STUDYING FOR PPL!! it is imperative you keep up a good level of knowledge of BAK. Keep all your books because you will no doubt go back to them. I'm finishing my NAV's and getting ready for my PPL flight test and i'm still going back to my RPL book.

Good luck with it and i'll look forward to the next post when you say you've passed!


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