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Safe Endurance - PNR Question query

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anubhav53 created the topic: Safe Endurance - PNR Question query

Hi there,

One of the PNR questions i came across (Snip below) has calculated the final reserve on the "Cruise fuel rate" instead of using the holding fuel rate.

Flight is an Air Transport Flight.

I want to confirm if that is an error with the question or if im missing something.

Thanks in advance!

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bobtait replied the topic: Safe Endurance - PNR Question query

If you check the question text you will see that the question specifically said to calculate the final reserve fuel at cruise rate. There is no particular rate of consumption mentioned in the regulations for the final reserve fuel. It simply says it must be sufficient to allow you to remain airborne for a nominated time (45 minutes for an IFR flight and 30 minutes for a VFR flight).

The examiner must tell you what your company fuel policy is. It may be calculated at a reduced (holding) fuel flow, or it may be calculated at the normal cruise rate - the question will have to specify that.

Some of the exercises given in the Performance book nominate a particular amount of fuel be set aside for the final reserve (15 US gallons for the Echo). You must read the question carefully when it comes to calculating the final reserve fuel. It may not always be calculated at a holding rate.

Most GA light single-engine aircraft simply use the cruise consumption rate, but that may not always be the case.

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