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Online Exam 4 (Timed) Fuel Calculation

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Kerrylee created the topic: Online Exam 4 (Timed) Fuel Calculation

Online exam 4 (timed)
Q.3 - Should the answer be 53.2?

I understand would normally use 45min for final reserve but in this case the question asks final reserve 30min at cruise (10 USG instead of 15 USG) making the total 53.2
(which isn’t an option in answers so have to pick closest to)

Also Noticed you have your working out answer as 58.2 (using 15 USG for FR) but then correct option as 51?

I’m looking at sitting in 5days and to do more of your timed exams for speed. It seems you have many Echo, Alpha etc in the one exam (aka long answer questions the majority of the exam, with only say 5 or so quicker answers), so find I’m running out of time and could not get to about 4 long questions, in hopes the actual is more balanced?

The following data relate to a day VFR air transport flight from Alpha to Bravo.

If Bravo requires an alternate, Charlie is suitable.

Distance Alpha to Bravo............ 188 nm
Distance Bravo to Charlie.......... 54 nm
Wind component Alpha to Bravo......15 knot headwind
Wind component Bravo to Charlie....5 knot tailwind
TAS throughout..................... 170 kt
Fuel flow during cruise........... 20 gph
Start-up and taxi allowance........ 3 gal
Final reserve fuel 30 min calculated at cruise rate
Fuel flow for holding if required: 15 gph
ETD Alpha......................... 0420 UTC

Aerodrome forecast for Bravo
TAF YBRA 221940Z 2008 VRB10 9999 SCT040
FM 06 VRB10KT 3000 RA BKN 010
T21 25 31 31 Q1020 1020 1021 1020

Aerodrome forecast for Charlie
TAF YCHA 221925Z 2008 33015KT 9999 SCT040
INTER 0106 3000 +SH BKN030
T09 12 17 20 Q1019 1019 1018 1018

The minimum fuel required at start-up Alpha is closest to -
Select one:
52.5 gal
55.5 gal Incorrect
60 gal
51 gal

You will need an alternate for B because your arrival is within 30 minutes of the commencement of weather below the alternate minima

You will need 30 minutes holding for C because your arrival is within 30 minutes of the commencement of the INTER period.

Find the Trip fuel required.
[73]minutes @ 20 gph = 24.3 gal plus 10% contingency fuel for air transport = 26.7

Find the Alternate fuel required.
[18]minutes @ 20 gph = 6 gal.
( MOS 135 Chapter 7 para 7.04 (2)) says that alternate fuel is considered as separate from trip fuel. The definition of contingency fuel is a percentage of the trip fuel. So you don't need contingency fuel for the alternate.

Min fuel required = trip fuel x 1.1 + final reserve fuel 45 minutes at cruise rate + taxi + alternate fuel + holding.
26.7 + 15 + 3 + 6 + 7.5 = 58.2 (59) gallons

The correct answer is: 51 gal

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