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Definition of runway strip RWS

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baddles created the topic: Definition of runway strip RWS

Hi all
there seems to be a conflict between the definitions of runway strip width (RWS WID) in CAAP 92-1(1) and ERSA.

CAAP 92-1(1) section 1 (Definitions) defines "runway strip: means a portion of ground between the runway and fly-over area which is in a condition that ensures minimal damage to an aeroplane which may run off a runway during takeoff or landing". Here "fly-over area" is defined as "a portion of ground adjacent to the runway strip which is free of [obstacles above ground] but may include ditches or drains below ground level".

ERSA INTRO section 21.2 defines "RWS: is the width from side to side which contains the RWY, the graded and ungraded portions of the RWS [...] The graded portion of the RWS is defined by boundary markers and is graded to alleviate damage to an aircraft in the event that it runs off the RWY. The ungraded portion of the RWS is free of upstanding objects byt may contain depressions, trenches, etc."

So what CAAP 92-1(1) calls the "fly-over area" is what ERSA calls the "ungraded portion of RWS".
CAAP 92-1(1) excludes the "fly-over area" from RWS width (as confirmed by the various diagrams in the CAAP)
while ERSA seems to include it in the RWS width.

My main concern is, what to do if the exam asks for a RWS width.

I realise that ERSA refers mainly to registered/certified aerodromes while CAAP 92-1(1) is applied mainly to grass/gravel airstrips.
So I'm guessing that I should go with the CAAP in a typical exam question.

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