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Fuel Calculations

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rhysmor00 created the topic: Fuel Calculations

Hi All,

Could someone please confirm these formulas? I recently failed CFPA due to a misunderstanding of these.

Minimum Fuel = Flight Fuel (+Alternate if applicable) (x1.1 for Variable Reserve) + Start Up/Taxi + Fixed Reserve + Holding (if applicable)

Safe Endurance = (Total Usable at Start Up - Fixed Reserve - Start Up/Taxi - Holding - Alternate) / 1.1 Add Alternate back in if applicable. Divide by Fuel Burn. Times by 60.

Thanks in advance.

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bradd replied the topic: Fuel Calculations

They seem right from what I remember..?

One thing that almost caught me out was in the question itself:
For example: is the question asking for fuel at Start Up or at Take Off?
another one may be where they want the answer in KG's instead of Litres..
Another example that comes to mind is where you need to take into account holding fuel in one of the PNR questions also - eg: Inter vs TEMPO.. but with PNR, the departure airstrip will be the destination, so only need that operational requirement for holding.

Don't leave it too long before attempting the exam again - go through the BT book again and keep doing the practice questions and that will help a lot.

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bobtait replied the topic: Fuel Calculations

Under the current CAAP for fuel requirements - CAAP 234-1(2), you do not need variable reserve for the flight to an alternate. So the minimum fuel requirement becomes:

Min Fuel = trip fuel x 1.1 + fixed reserve + taxi + alternate fuel if required + holding if required

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