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PNR calculation

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flyer created the topic: PNR calculation

Just referring to Performance Final Exam Q36 for distance to PNR question.

The answer given states that to find PNR is: 64L x 190kts divided by 340kts=36mins.
Just wanted to clarify why we use 64litres in this calculation and not the equivalent figure in minutes?

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bobtait replied the topic: PNR calculation

In the case of this question, the cruise fuel consumption happens to be 60 litres/hr. That's one litre per minute. Since the trip fuel is 64 iitres, the safe endurance is 64 minutes (64 litres @ 60 litres/hour). The formula says Time to PNR = 64 x 190 รท 340. The 64 is minutes, it just happens also be 64 litres in this case.


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