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Passed CPL Performance!

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harrykay created the topic: Passed CPL Performance!

G'day all,

So after much trepidation I finally attempted my 2nd CPL theory exam (after Aerody), Performance and Flight Planning, in smokey Bankstown (check out the pic I took on my insta @haztagz :)) - and I'm happy to report I passed it at the first attempt... just ..(71%)..

Now I know a pass is a pass, but I was honestly hoping for a higher mark - nonetheless, its now out of the way and I thought I'll share some insights and tips -

- CPL-Performance is, depending on your approach and understanding of concepts, probably the easiest of the 7 exams or, the hardest! Make sure you DO NOT attempt this exam until and unless you are absolutely certain you can do the math in your sleep. Practice is key - and make sure you attempt BT's online exams and purchase the extra set - I bombed the first two but by the time I moved to the 3rd, I started scoring in the 80's and began gaining confidence

- This is not a subject you will be able to master in a week or two (if you're smart, maybe you can, but for the average Joe like me, it took me at least 4 weeks and full time work before I knew I was ready). For instance, you have to be sure you can remember all formulae like the back of your hand and how to apply them

- The most significant part of the syllabus is fuel planning (ETP/PNR) and Echo loading and balance (add/shift weight and ballast). If you can ace practice questions around these, you essentially have an insurance policy just in case you don't do well on the more theoretical subjects

- My question bank had one 4 marker, four 3 markers, two distinct sets of 2 markers and the remaining questions were a mark each.. The 4 marker (32'nd/last question) was around calculating PNR and applying ETAS! (Thank goodness I ensured I did a quick revision on calculating ETAS on the flight computer - it looks like I got it right given my KDR said nothing about fuel management) .. The 3 markers were all about the Echo and adding/shifting weights/ballast. My first set of 2 mark questions were all around p-charts (incl one question around the Echo p-chart) and the 2nd set of the 2 point questions were all about fuel management (Safe Endurance, ETP and PNR). The 1 mark questions were from across the whole text.

- Where I got stung were the 1 mark questions (e.g. I think I made a silly calculation error on getting my density height and I got stumped on a question re the Flight Plan notification form)

- The order in which I attacked the questions were to complete the 4 marker first, followed by the 3 markers, then the 2 markers and finally the 1 markers - it also helps write down all the data of the question and all the formulae. Make sure you revise your calcs and answers before moving on to the next question - trust me when I say you will NOT get much time to revise your answers after you've finished all questions (I had 40 mins left but my brain didn't have the capacity to rework the longer questions again).

Final tips

As I've stated, practice is key - and once you feel you can't practice no more and no new information's going in, you are ready to attempt it. Pay close attention to understanding the Echo aircraft specs, the loading system incl ballast and calculating PNR/ETP along with calculating ETAS

There will also be quick wins and simple calculation questions so memorize all formulae.

Lastly, do not ignore theory ..particularly around chapters 1,2 and 6 and 7 - these are also easy wins and won't take much time to skim through


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bobtait replied the topic: Passed CPL Performance!

Congratulations Harry
You put in the effort and reaped the reward. It is always a little disappointing to end up feeling you could have done better, buy as you say, 'a pass in a pass'. All the best with the rest of your study.

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davelindojrff replied the topic: Passed CPL Performance!

Hey mate congratulations on your pass on what is said to be the hardest exam. Ive passed the first 2 Bob Tait online exams, are these a good indication of what to expect on the exam?

thanks Dave
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harrykay replied the topic: Passed CPL Performance!

Hey mate - If you score consistently in the 90's on Bob Tait's exams, you should pass the CASA exam (at least that's the mantra which was advised to me and what I discovered to hold merit by my own experience with the exams).

For Performance, practice is key - just keep doing the math until you can literally do it in your sleep.

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Sofeopka replied the topic: Passed CPL Performance!

Well done Harry, and thanks for your great summary of the exam.
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