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Trip Fuel - Clarity

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gbarr1 created the topic: Trip Fuel - Clarity

So, with the new fuel requirements I understand flight fuel now becomes trip fuel.

In performance video Day 2 Session 2 there is mention that trip fuel is what is required to get you from your departure point through to your first arrival the the destination. This is reinforced with the comment "from the moment I arrive in the circuit, that is the end of the trip"

In CAAP 234-1 it states in the definitions that trip fuel includes fuel for conducting an approach and landing at the destination aerodrome.

I know there is not much difference between the two but just seeking clarity on if Trip fuel does or doesn't include approach and landing at destination?


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bobtait replied the topic: Trip Fuel - Clarity

The CAAP does include approach and landing fuel as part of trip fuel. That would be sensible for larger IFR aircraft. However it is normal practice for a GA VFR aircraft to ignore that. In a light aircraft the fuel for a circuit and approach is probably not much more than what you throw away during a daily inspection - although I did know a Scotsman who used to put the water-check fuel back in the tank! You cannot of course, ignore holding fuel. Most GA VFR operators use a 'rule of thumb' to allow for the climb. Plan the whole flight at cruise and add an extra minute to the EET for every 2000ft of climb. Seems to work pretty well.

It is prudent for IFR flights to make some allowance for approach and landing, because an instrument approach can take up to 5 or 10 minutes to fly. This is especially necessary when you are doing a multi-stage IFR flight with the possibility of a number of instrument approaches in one fuel stage.

Interestingly, in the CASA IREX exam, candidates are instructed to make no allowance for instrument approaches.
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gbarr1 replied the topic: Trip Fuel - Clarity

Brilliant, thanks for the clarity Bob

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