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Carello replied the topic: TODA

G'day Stuart

It's good to see another opinion.

As we all know, the Australian practice is to include the 30-60 m at the end of the runway (call it the "end bit") into the TODA - only if there is no defined CLW. The point to note here is, the "end bit" starts at the end of TORA, which is where the CLW would start if defined. This seems to be the general application of the Australian practice.

So the question is, is the "end bit" at the end of the STW also included in the TODA? If yes, then we have a problem where the STW and CLW are one and the same. This cannot be true. To start with, the STW and CLW have different dimensions and serve very different purposes.

Extrapolation and conflation can be very misleading. Sadly, the new Aerodrome MoS did not explicitly address the question; it simply went silent. At least the old MoS had a bob each way.

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