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CPL Exam Passed

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Mido created the topic: CPL Exam Passed

Thank you Bob for your helpful textbook and sample exams questions.
I sat this morning for performance and passed with 77%.
I thought I was well prepared but apparently I wasn't.
I noticed in real exam they ask some question I haven't met before. I got one ask me about the maximum separation of the runway strip markings, got another one about flight notification, and one I was confused was to gain the maximum endurance you should: fly the highest level / fly the lowest level/fly the Full throttle height/ height does nothing to endurance.
And another one about CP, it asked you compare to Nil wind, if headwinds happens what time changes in the CP on to destination or back to base. For CP always moves upwind from halfway, so the CP will move further from departure which means the time from CP to destination and back to base both will take longer, is it correct?
I have to say the question type changed a lot from the sample exams, some even not look familiar.

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