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PNR Revision Exercise

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Ray created the topic: PNR Revision Exercise

Hi All. I'm doing the revision exercise for ETP/PNR calculations on page 4.50 of the current text. In question 2 it specifies 67 gallons of flight fuel at take off, but in the workings for the answer the full 67 gallons are included in calculating the PNR rather than removing the 15% variable reserve first. I'm having a bit of trouble understanding why you wouldn't first remove the 15% VR prior to calculating the PNR. Should all questions in the CASA exam that specify flight fuel be considered to have the VR already removed?

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bobtait replied the topic: PNR Revision Exercise

Yes, the accepted definition of 'flight fuel' is the fuel that will actually be burned during the flight. If a question gives you the flight fuel, all reserves and holding requirements have already been removed. It's a matter of carefully reading the question. Flight fuel is the expected actual burn-off during the flight. Minimum fuel required at take-off is the flight fuel plus any reserves or holding fuel.



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