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Loading System Alpha

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peter2480 created the topic: Loading System Alpha

Referring to one of the questions in online exams. The question asks for how much additional fuel can be added. The alternative answers are 45 litres, 215 litres, 112 kg and 20 kg.

The correct answer given is 20kg. The answer I came up with form the loading diagram was 45 litres. As these are both within about 12kg of each other is it likely that 2 alternative choices in the exam would be this close together.

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Richard replied the topic: Re: Loading System Alpha

Hi Peter,

Your post slipped under the radar - sorry about that! We often hear complaints the answers in the performance questions tend to be quite close together which means you need to work very accurately on the charts. Are you still having problems with the answer to this one or have you resolved it already. If you are still getting a different answer, see if you can attach a scan of your working to the post (or email it to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and I'll take a look.



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