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Progress Test 2 Topic 4 Question 10

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captainellzy created the topic: Progress Test 2 Topic 4 Question 10

Gday Bob,

Just doing some study and came across the above question, hope you can help. My calculations are as follows:

155nm @ 103kt = 91min (OK looking at it now it is slightly closer to 90min :P )
91min @ 11.5Gph = 17.4Gal (Flight fuel)
45min @ 8Gph = 6Gal
30min @ 8Gph = 4Gal

Min FOB = 27.4Gal

Your answer says 27.25Gal (Because of the 1min discrepancy)

The answer is b) 27Gal

I've tried to justify myself by picking d) 30Gal as a MINIMUM FOB at start up because 27Gal wouldn't have been enough?!

Am i splitting hairs? I hope I haven't missed something but it's an exam I'm fretting about and this 1 mark could be the difference for me :S

Cheers in advance,


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bobtait replied the topic: Re: Progress Test 2 Topic 4 Question 10


You will notice that in most of these calculation type questions, the stem of the question ends with the words 'is closest to'. When it says that, it means just that. Choose the answer that is closest to the one you have calculated. The examiner doesn't expect you to round up to the next highest option if there is another option that is closest to your answer. Can you find me a dipstick that accurately measures to a quarter of a gallon?

Good luck with the exam mate. Go for it!!!

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