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Review Questions - set 1 - page 8.1

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brentonrule created the topic: Review Questions - set 1 - page 8.1

Hi Bob and team.

Well I have struggled through this section and I have to improve my 'accuracy' and 'interpretation' - meaning I need to read the questions VERY carefully. Hopefully this little gem will help others to be very careful about what the question is asking for.


Q 32 on page 8.5 asks for the 'centre of gravity range' so I calculated it as (a) 2515mm by using the formula Weight (2785) - Min Weight (2360) x 2.6 + 2400mm = 2515mm.

Wrong answer - didn't read the question. The 'RANGE' is 2680mm (aft limit) - 2515mm = 165mm ANSWER IS (c).

Each time I get one wrong, it gets me closer to understadning the correct answer.

I do not know how people without your texts can pass these exams. I have looked at other study texts and none are up to your standards; and none provide your great processes and clear/concise/logical explanations Bob.

Hope to be ready for the exam in a week's time. Doesn't look like we'll get to Qld due to weather (down here) so we'll have to just wait until we get a break in the weather so I can buy you a nice bottle of red when we finally meet.

Cheers and thanks again.

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captainellzy replied the topic: Re: Review Questions - set 1 - page 8.1

Yes Brenton I think interpretation is half the problem on our end and ambiguity on their end. On one of my attempts there was a bunch of info about fitting something in the rear compartment and right at the end it asked "how much can fit in the rear compartment of an Echo?" I direct your attention to the word 'an'..

I thought I was being clever in calling their bluff (155kgs) but I got it wrong haha.. Oh well I got the same question the next time I tried and got it right..

You'll do fine, you've obviously put in a lot of effort! I'm tipping you'll hit the 90's.


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