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CPL Performance Supplement - TOL Charts

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brentonrule created the topic: CPL Performance Supplement - TOL Charts

Hi Richard,

At the risk of being pedantic, I have just completed all exercises on pages 3.21 to 3.29 and got each answer wrong. I got all the process right but I suspect that the problem lies with the scale on the supplement which is 8mm wide. The book has a scale of 10mm wide. What this means is that when one tries to get to 810 metre or the 2520kg or 3173 feet as per the book, the supplement produces a different number. As much as 50Kg in Max TOW.

This could be a problem if the exams have similar variance.

Can you please tell me whether I am being a bit too careful.

Thanks, Brenton

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Richard replied the topic: Re: CPL Performance Supplement - TOL Charts

Hi Brenton,

Yes, you will get slightly different answers if you use the Day (VFR) Booklet or the supplement that came with the textbook. Bob reproduced those graphs in the supplement because we couldn't assume that everyone had access to CASA's book.

As for the answers,when doing questions in the textbook, use the supplement's versions of the charts. When doing Bob's Cyber Exams (and CASA's exams for that matter), the answers will be calculated using the versions in CASA's VFR (Day) book.



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