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Enter WHOLE numbers only

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lukeacl created the topic: Enter WHOLE numbers only

I just passed my CNAV with a 90%, super chuffed.

I just wanted to check one thing I got a KDR for, I remember the question, it was a white box and it asked me to enter a time, as a WHOLE number only.

Does anyone know if those questions will mark correct if you enter "340" without the leading zero, or "0340" with the leading zero, to represent 3:40am for example, or does PEXO require you to enter exactly "0340" as four digits. I got a little consumed with the question and when I read WHOLE number I interpreted that as an integer, so 340, and I got a KDR for it. So either I was just straight up wrong, or my data entry was bad.

Thanks for any comments, and I hope whatever the outcome is this assists others with similar questions.

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bobtait replied the topic: Enter WHOLE numbers only

It would certainly be 0340 although I haven't seen any definite instruction from CASA.

Congratulations on an excellent result. Well done!!
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