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wind speed and flight planning

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Gasket created the topic: wind speed and flight planning

Hi all, just joined, weird as I thought I had ages ago. I'm studying cpl(h) and use Bob Tait books for the joint subjects. At the moment I'm doing nav. I've done the whole book, now just going through the workbook. Just finished the full flight planning exercises on page 15. I'm finding I quite often am out by either 1 deg, 1nm or 1 minute. in these q's and others along the way. Is there a way of getting that better? Doesn't matter how long I look or go over again I swear I'm right. Quite often the dot comes in between 2 lines so I choose the nearest one.
Anyone else have this issue?

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John.Heddles replied the topic: wind speed and flight planning

Perhaps you might post a couple of the problem examples with your working and picture of your nav computer's solution?

It is not easy to offer comment as to how long is a bit of string if we can't see the bit of string.

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