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Passed CNAV this week - some tips from me !

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StormyWeather4 created the topic: Passed CNAV this week - some tips from me !

I sat CNAV a couple of days ago and passed with 76%. Not high - I know, but a pass is a pass! Here’s what helped me and how I found the exam!

- The Bob Tait Navigation Text Book and Navigation Workbook were perfect preparation for the exam! The 1:60’s in the book are so helpful! I did those about three times leading up to the exam!

- I highly recommend PPE for Vertical Nav questions as I had 2 identical haha! The questions in PPE for RoC and RoD are harder than what I came across on the actual exam! Bob Tait also very helpful!

- I only got four 1:60’s. Two of which required me to determine the Track Error, one asked for drift experienced and the other one was a heading change required. Only converging and diverging 1:60’s. No cross track for me!

- Fuel calculations were also relatively basic. The textbook has everything you need. I got asked 2 questions on endurance remaining and 1 on finding the fuel flow.

- The first two questions were finding HW and XW! Make sure to use your ERSA for X-Wind calculations to ensure that you have the correct value. I know some people who used their flight computer only and were off by 2-3 knots! They are box answers as well! A few heading and ground speed questions too!

- Note that there are many box answers in the Nav exam! So make sure you take your time with every question and try to be as accurate as possible!

- In terms of the theory side of the exam I would make sure that you’re all over the first few pages of the Nav book! The questions are quite difficult to break down as they are worded typical CASA style! But if you have a sound understanding of the form of the earth, true + magnetic direction, chart projections + scale, and can wrap your head around the questions in Nav Progress Test 1 then you’ll be fine! I had about eight 1 markers on this chapter

- I did not focus enough time on the first chapter and therefore was not up to standard for those questions in the exam. That’s where all my KDRs were! Lat and Longs!

- No GNSS questions whatsoever!

- My number 1 tip is to TAKE YOUR TIME! I worked from the top to bottom and went thru slowly but swiftly. I had around 30 minutes to go but didn’t submit my exam till there was 11 minutes left. I didn’t change any of my questions on fuel and vertical nav as I was sure they were correct the first time. But yeah, take your time! Good luck to those sitting in the future! You’ll all smash it!

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