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Fuel Calculations

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rhysmor00 created the topic: Fuel Calculations

Hi Bob,

First of, just want to say how easy-to-read your textbooks are, they've been a massive help with understanding certain principles.

To my question,
I purchased your CPL Navigation practice exams, all very handy for preparing. One question however threw me off.
It was in regards to the answers, the question asked for the "minimum fuel required for flight" and to "pick the closest answer".
The actual question doesn't matter.
The correct answer was, in this case, 2 litres below the minimum found. Upon looking at the solutions, my calculations matched yours. However, doesn't it make sense to choose the answer with more than the minimum? I know you state to pick the closest, but this means that the flight should not be able to fly.
Thanks and I look forward to your response, Rhys Morgan.

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bobtait replied the topic: Fuel Calculations

CASA has indicated that if a question says 'pick the CLOSEST answer, then it means round your answer to the nearest whole number'. I understand that, if the answer comes to 20.3 for example, then 20 is not enough so it makes sense to call it 21. However, nobody has yet invented a dip-stick that reads in decimals of a litre, so the question may say 'is closest to'.

Also, these days, the question usually requires you to type in an answer on the computer. In this case CASA has indicated that you should type in the nearest whole number (no decimal places). The marking scheme will allow a small margin of error in most cases.

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