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CPL Nav 2017 Overview

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Avi8or created the topic: CPL Nav 2017 Overview

Hey Bob.
Just wanted to give my overview of the nav pexo. I studied using only your book and got a stunning 97. Not really sure yet about what I got wrong though.
Never the less just wanted to thank you for your tremendous help. To all the students preparing to sit, there were a lot of type in question and most were very tricky in the sense that the entire question is based in gallons, then the final answer is require in litres. The pexo was also loaded with one in sixty question. All the best guys.

Best regards

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bobtait replied the topic: CPL Nav 2017 Overview

That's a fantastic result Avi8or. Just one single answer off the perfect 100%. As for the questions on the 1 in 60 rule, why shouldn't young guys like you learn how old farts like me used to navigate in the olden days. Maybe one day CASA will accept that Global Navigation Satellite Systems are here to stay and won't be going away.

Well done mate - you should be very proud of that.


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