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Practice Exam BOD/EOD Question - Nearest to:

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primarythruster created the topic: Practice Exam BOD/EOD Question - Nearest to:

Hey all, just doing CPL Nav exam prep and one of the practice exam questions is:

The earliest departure time for a VFR flight from Sydney on August 18th is closest to -
Select one:
A: 172015 UTC
B: 172005 UTC
C: 172010 UTC
D: 172000 UTC

Using the charts in the AIP I found the answer which I believed to be 172002 UTC so I marked the answer as D. The correct answer was 172004 UTC which should have been B.

It's super hard to read the small charts and guesstimate approx half way between the latitude lines as it is. In the real world would the difference of 2 minutes really be that crucial? IMHO I'd always plan to arrive well before the recommended 10 mins prior to EOD.

Lettuce know your thoughts,


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