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CNAV Exam debrief

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Hi All,
Firstly a quick note of thanks to Bob and Richard for having an excellent online resource for aviation students in Australia!
The Forum does give a beautiful platform for all to discuss problems and enrich our knowledge.
It must take passion and constant effort to teach people out here so your quick help and responses to all queries is very much appreciated.
I have gained a lot of confidence out of these forums and have now passed all my CPL theory exams so thanks to all who are a part of this virtual community!!
I have done self study for all subjects and used Bob Tait Online practice exams. Very helpful indeed in addition to these forums. I have scored very well in all subjects barring Human Factors that I found a bit Vague! :unsure:
I though of giving a quick spill on my NAV exam that I completed today as I too wish to help someone who might be preparing like I have.
Total of 32 Questions.
1. Simple Head wind/ Tail wind/ Cross wind questions given R/W orientation and W/V
2. Simple fuel calculation question for PVT as well as CHTR Flight. one question needed to calculate total Endurance with Reserves intact.
3. ETA recalculation question: A to B 25 nm :2 min Late at B. B to C 50 Nm. Recalculate ETA C.
4. ERC question:What does the brown shaded area means.
5. Canceling SARWATCH on ground at Cooktown QLD.
6. PCA question: ARFOR's needed for a flight between YMDG and YCWR.
7. Given FL and Temp, Calculate TAS for a given CAS.
8. Lots of Track Error questions (about 8 if I remember correctly). All kinds. Practice these. Easy 2 marks for each one of them.
9. Track, TMG and Drift question
10. Given W/V (As per ARFOR) and Track, Find HDG and GS.
11. Time questions: Find EsuT for a given UTC.
Given Aerodrome details(Lat Long), Find EOD and Latest ETD from departure AD.
Time difference between two places on the same Lat.
I think there were two more involving BOD and EOD. Look up from AIP charts
12. VOR errors :one question
13. Charts questions: Longitudes run North South and calculated East west.
Flying from 170E to 170 W shortest Route.
Flying from west to east on 270 through 15 degrees of Latitude, How does the shortest route (great circle track) change course in Southern Hemisphere.
14. Simple conversion question USG to Ltr
15. Vertical Nav questions: calculate ROC/ROD given heights (to clear or achieve), distances and GS
Practice EOD/BOD type questions as they can be time consuming
Know how to use Flight computer for all sorts of problems. I used calculator to check as well.
Go through all charts and just spend time with them knowing what everything means.
Practice looking up ERSA quickly
Practice a lot of Track error questions.

I finished my exam 30 minutes before time and had plenty of time to pretty much go through all questions quick checking them once again in the last half hour. Double checked all my Flt Computer calculations with normal calculator.
Have a good strategy in place for time utilisation.
Let me know if I could help with anything else.
And lastly, super happy for getting a NIL KDR issues on this one finally!! been missing that in my last two exams by one question! :laugh:



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bobtait replied the topic: CNAV Exam debrief

Congratulations Mayank! Looks like you join the esteemed community of 100%ers. You are obviously a highly motivated student and we wish you every success and satisfaction with the rest of your training. It's been a pleasure working with you on your journey so far.

Blue skies and soft landings always...


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