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CNAV Exam Review

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maxiboy created the topic: CNAV Exam Review

Hi Bob,

Prior to sitting my exam earlier this week I went through the Bob Tait forums and found this an extremely helpful resource for my scope of preparation with this exam. In other words, this is my first post here which will be my own contribution of information to assist others who are studying for this exam! :)

Here is my exam debrief from my CNAV Examination. I completed the exam with 35 minutes to go, sat back, took a deep breath and then checked all of my answers (didn't end up changing anything from memory).

  • Runway Wind Velocity questions
  • Simple & Advanced 1:60 errors
  • Calculate latest departure time using EOD tables
  • Calculate earliest departure time using BOD tables
  • Simple conversion of units (litres to US Gallons)
  • Calculation of holding duration over airport (flight time and total fuel provided in minutes)
  • TAS/GS Calculations inflight with given wind component
  • ADF/NDB and VOR errors
  • Distance between Longitude/Latitude
  • Calculation of LMT for a given latitude/longitude
  • VTC questions (Hobart VTC, less than 500ft clearance with given list of locations)
  • Vertical Navigation questions (Climb/Descent in CTA/OCTA/RA)
Overall the breakdown of the questions were as follows:

    2x Runway wind velocity questions (calculating headwind/crosswind components)
    4x Fuel questions
    10x Simple/Advanced 1 in 60 rule questions (off-track L/R degrees, calculating TMG, converging, diverging, double TE method)
    2x BOD/EOD questions (no flight time considerations)
    1x NDB/ADF or VOR errors
    4x Longitude/Latitude distance questions
    4x WAC, PCA, and VTC questions (relating to items listed on the charts legend)
    3x Climb/Descent (OCTA, to remain inside CTA, Restricted Area)
    2x Conversion of Units (distance, volume and mass)

Total of 32 Questions

Please if you have any questions in relation to the exam, just reply to this topic below!

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bobtait replied the topic: CNAV Exam Review

Congratulations on a very solid pass in CPL NAV. It's always good to hear from successful students.


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