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victorvector created the topic: CNAV

Hi all,

I am currently using the BT books to complete my CPL studies... I have completed MET a few weeks ago with a good result and am now on to Nav.

I have a bit of a strategy in going through the syllabus and ticking off what I have covered and what needs brushing up on particular exams and I note on the PPL exam syllabus they cover 2.7 Area Navigation which includes RNAV/GPS/GNSS etc whereas in the CPL syllabus none if this is covered just items related to VOR and ADF systems.

So my question is because this is not included in the CPL syllabus will you be tested on these items in the CNAV exam? Or does the CNAV exam incorporate both the PPL and CPL syllabuses?


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bobtait replied the topic: CNAV

You can be sure that an examiner cannot ask questions that are not in the syllabus. However, although it is not mentioned in the CPL syllabus, an examiner may argue that anything in the PPL syllabus can be asked in a CPL exam. You will find that there is a section on RNAV/GNSS in the PPL book under the navigation section. However you have made a good point and I will include it in the CPL book in the next issue.


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