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Nav question

  • Sunny11
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Sunny11 created the topic: Nav question

Hi everyone,

I am having difficulties with the following questions, can anyone please help me solve it?

1. If you are 5.0 nm off course after 120 nm, what is your drift angle?

2. What direction (M) is the wind if TAS = 220kt, Track = 160 M, Heading = 145 M, Groundspeed = 195kt?

3. Downwind at Tamworth (Apt Elev 1334’), at the circuit altitude of 1000’ above the airfield, the True Air Temperature is +30oC, what is the True Altitude of the aircraft (to nearest 100’)?

4. Flight Planning from Brisbane to Norfolk Island (805 track nms), you are advised that the weather is deteriorating at the destination. There is a forecast Headwind component from Brisbane to 160deg W of 10knots and from 160deg W to Norfolk of 30kts. Your average TAS is 340kts, and endurance, after reserve fuel, of 4hrs. What is the time interval to the PNR (mins)?

The shortest time to turn from a heading of 100M to a heading of 290M is ? ( My answer for this is Turn into wind, but I got it as incorrect)

6. An aircraft is flying between Alpha and Bravo separated by a distance of 350nm. Over Alpha at 0040 UTC with a TAS of 180 kts and headwind of 30kts. What time will the aircraft reach the engine inoperative equi-time point between Alpha and Bravo if the engine inoperative speed is 130kts?


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  •'s Avatar replied the topic: Nav question

For question 1. To know your drift angle you must first know your heading. From the information you gave, you can calculate your Track Error by using 1:60 rule. 5x60=300 divide by 120nm = 2.5 deg TE

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  • Nav
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Nav replied the topic: Nav question

Q2. Using wind side of a circular flight computer, I got 089/60kt. Used the same method as finding GS and Hdg, but worked in reverse.

Can someone please correct or confirm?

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  • Mister W
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Mister W replied the topic: Nav question

089/60kts sounds pretty close, Nav.
Turning left from 100M to 290M is the shortest time.
Been a while since I have done true altitude. I get a figure of 2400ft true altitude.
In the middle of house renos at the moment so I will look at the other questions later.


Mister W.

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