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VFR cruising level Question

  • Sunny11
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Sunny11 created the topic: VFR cruising level Question

Hi Bob,

I just sat my CPL Nav exam and I came across a question on VFR cruise level.

The question is something like this "AFOR weather forecast is BKN AC 9000/9500, What is you max cruise level if you are operating OCTA?"

But I chose A5000. Because I saw it the Jepps which said " Pilot should be aware that VFR a/c outside controlled airspace may be operating at random levels below 5000ft."

But I am not sure if I got it correct or not?

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  • Mister W
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Mister W replied the topic: VFR cruising level Question

Hi Sunny,
Sounds to me like the question is asking you to choose the appropriate cruise level while maintaining VMC.
I always start with applying the vertical separation first from the table in ENR 1.2-4, in this case: Cloud base at 9000' - 1000' (from the table in ENR 1.2-4) to remain legal VMC=8000'

Then apply the most appropriate cruising level from the tables in ENR 1.7-10
Travelling east will give you a maximum of 7500'. You will be legally separated from cloud and at the right level for the direction you're going.
Travelling west will be 6500' (8500' would too close to cloud and not maintaining legal VMC).

5000 would be the wrong answer given the context of the question because it's an IFR cruising level.
Yes, the AIP and Jepps say you can fly at random, non-standard levels below 5000'. Sometimes you have to due weather, traffic seperation, CTAF arrivals etc. However! Whenever practical, stick to the cruising levels when you can.

Hope this helps.

Mister W.

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