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VOR question

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Spinrecovery created the topic: VOR question

I am trying to figure out how to find the how far off course in degrees and nautical miles just by looking at the HSI.
Here is the question:
Assume that you are 15 nautical miles from the VOR. The VOR indicates 7 degrees deflection and a 6,000 foot nautical mile, how far off course are you in degrees and nautical miles?
What are some of the ball park figures I can use in flight to calculate this sort of thing mentally?
Any helps appreciated

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Richard replied the topic: VOR question

Hi Spinrecovery,

You can use the 1 in 60 to solve this one. If the VOR indicates you are 7 degrees off track, you have a track error of 7 degrees. A track error of 7 degrees means you would be 7 nm off after 60 nm. If you have only travelled 15 nm, that's a quarter of 60 so your off track distance would be a quarter of 7 which is 1.75 nm.



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