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CPL Nav Exam

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Love2fly created the topic: CPL Nav Exam

Hi Bob and Richard,

Thanks to all the people who have posted on this forum, it really helped me to get through the exam. So I thought I would add to this after I completed mine.

- know the legends on the maps
- if ATS is not available on ground to cancel Sarwatch at the aerodrome where you have landed, make sure you know how to attain the HIgh Frequency numbers off the PCA.
-calculating drift in flight
-calculating what the max rate of climb you can get when having to pass through controlled airspace steps
- beginning of daylight / end of daylight
- calculate fuel required for flight (make sure you factor in variable reserve for commercial)
-rhumb lines
-great circles
-lattitude and longitude
- get all the current maps and everything else they specify to bring!

Go through the questions and get the ones that need more working out done first.

And finally, make sure you READ the question.

Good luck!

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choppernut replied the topic: CPL Nav Exam

Awesome news mate,

I sat my exam on the 17th and passed comfortably. Having a dig around for insight on forums such as this really does help.

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