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One in Sixty on Wac

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simsim created the topic: One in Sixty on Wac

Hi Guys,

I came across this question on the practice cyber exam.

it involves cross track one in sixty rule and i wanted to see if my work out is correct. Any feedback would be great.

here it goes:

Question: planning a flight from Bathurst to Dubbo. After departing Bathurst I am forced to divert to the right of FPT.

At 2313 UTC, I obtained first fix over hill end, 4 nm right and weather ahead is clear, I now take up heading of 310 deg M. At 2328 UTC I am directly over Neurea town which is 3 nm of track as second fix- TAS and heading held constant since 2313 UTC.

Answers: (M deg)a. 329
b. 315
c. 320
d. 306

My work out:FPT 322 deg
First fix TE is 14 deg
Second fix CA is 5 deg

Therefore 322-14 = 308 deg
TE+CA = 19 deg
Heading at second fix is 308+19 = 327 deg

My answer is 329 (closest to 327)

Any feedback will be great.

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bobtait replied the topic: Re: One in Sixty on Wac


Here is a solution to the question. You got the correct answer.


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