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CMET PASS today (26.2.21)

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adambernhardt created the topic: CMET PASS today (26.2.21)

Hi all.

After passing met in 2016 and allowing it to expire, lets just say I have made better decisions.

So after another go and then today I slid into touch with 79%! With all the study I did between working and flying I am a bit disappointed by a pass is a pass!

A couple of things I wanted to share that definitely made by exam easier.

1. Bobs books will get you over the line.
2. Supplement it with the BOM book in Aviation Met
3. If you are trying to do this via distance, GET THE VIDEOS! They are a god send! You can stop, start, go back and review. Worth the investment!
4. Practice exams!!!

I wont go into the content of the exam because CASA go to great lengths to outline not to discuss it so I wont give Mr G the satisfaction!

Questions were typical CASA. Unrealistic. Have to wonder about their currency in aviation if I was to put any thought into it.

If you know the syllabus, you're fine.

I structured my notes like the Part 61 syllabus


I have attached a doc i used as part of my study notes to help with what i had issues with. I work better on visual.

For the TAF questions, I drew a box to confirm firstly was the line ACTIVE for my ETA and did it impose a requirement.
Then I draw a line for validity time of the TAF and then under it added any FM, TEMPO, INTER as other linesto visualise which was active!
Took about 5-8 mins per question but i didnt get any Op stuff wrong.
Bob covers this in the videos! This is a great bit of study technique!

For the GAF and GPWT: The images are absolute crap. Even on the second screen as an attachment. I took a pair of x4 magnifying specs which worked great. I've emailed CASA and they think they're fine! As if they'd know!

What I discovered today was using CTRL (control) + mouse scroll will zoom the screen.

Also, we had a power failure and while that was out, the screen was on and time kept going! messed around for 10mins to log in and was relieved that answers were still there.

Finally, big thanks to Bob and Stuart for making the time to answer questions....

I'll close with: RTFQ and RTFA!

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  • Stuart Tait
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Stuart Tait replied the topic: CMET PASS today (26.2.21)

Congratulations Adam

And thanks for the feedback


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