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CMET exam pass

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baddles created the topic: CMET exam pass

Hi all,
I just passed the CMET exam with 97%.
Here are a couple of comments.
  • Bob's CPL Meteorology book is excellent preparation for this exam.
  • Others on this forum have said that you need to "know meteorology backwards" for the exam. That is right, and I finally understand what that phrase means. For example, suppose you've learned the names of all the types of clouds, their appearance, formation processes, composition, associated weather, and risk of icing. Great, but to know this "backwards", you would need to be able to answer "which clouds consist only of ice crystals", "which clouds produce rime ice", "which clouds are formed by turbulence" etc. Bob's practice tests will try to tease this out. I felt really uncomfortable about these questions, so I started drawing tables that summarise the information, and help you see more patterns (for example - the clouds formed by turbulence are the "-o-cumulus" clouds Cc, Ac and Sc.)
  • Know your operational meteorology really well - to the point where you are comfortable using all the meteorology products (METAR, TAF, GAF, GPWT) and you know instantly where to look in the AIP for the details.
  • Some level of general/geographical knowledge about Australia is assumed. Spend some time with Google/Apple Maps so that you know where to find all the major Australian cities on a map.

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gc72 replied the topic: CMET exam pass

Congratulations awesome marks!

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bobtait replied the topic: CMET exam pass

That's fantastic news! That' a result you can be proud of!


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