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Interesting question in CMET timed practice exam

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andyc created the topic: Interesting question in CMET timed practice exam

Just done the CMET timed practice exam (great book and exam prep resources by the way!)

Had an interesting question.

"As height is decreased during a descent to land in a strong crosswind from the right, the crosswind component is likely to..."

Without spoiling it for others, I got it wrong. I'll explain my rationale though:
As I descend I expect the wind to veer and decrease. A "strong crosswind" (per the question) could be interpreted as a direct 90 degree crosswind, in which case I'd expect the wind to be more like a quartering right tailwind, meaning a decrease in the component.
Also meaning I probably ought to pick a different runway :)

Not sure if this makes the question a little ambiguous?

thanks, and good work!

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