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Exam Pass + tips

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Squizz created the topic: Exam Pass + tips

Hi all,

I did CMET today and got a solid 85% pass (I'm very happy with this, given I home studied the topic).

Advice on the exam:

- Know the grid point winds model and how they come up with the numbers in those grids.
- Virga - I didn't know enough about it, but I should've known more. Understand what it is, in detail.
- Be super comfortable interpreting TAFs, METARs, TTFs and SPECIs. Also, how FM and INTER/TEMPOs work in relation to existing TAFs. Luckily, I was really comfortable with these and nailed them.
- I struggled with icing throughout the study period and also on the exam. Know the temp ranges and likely conditions. I still have it as a KDR, so I'll need to revise it.
- Be comfortable interpreting GAFs, but these are supremely easier than the ARFOR model (in my view), so learn what you need to to feel ready on these.
- Like the BT books say, learn the thunderstorm results and the hazards etc.

It was a tough exam, way harder than Aerodynamics or AGK (I passed those with >90%). Study hard, do practice exams and make sure you debrief yourself often.

Good luck.

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