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Casa Exam

  • Dobbo
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Dobbo created the topic: Casa Exam

Afternoon Bob,

Just completed my CASA PEXO CPLH Met exam up here in Cairns this morning. I achieved a pass rate of 76% which I should be happy with I suppose but I am a tad deflated as the KDR suggests I have some study to go in this topic. I achieved a 92% pass on a cyber yesterday and have been tracking at around 85% in the Bob Tait / AFT study literature.
My question is: Can a successful career still be achieved with such an early poor low result? Are the oral make up tests as required on the KDR to appease a flight instructor, random questions or do they work of a syllabus of sorts?
I suppose on the positive side, I have saved $150:00 in not having to re sit the MET exam.



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bobtait replied the topic: Casa Exam

Congratulations Dobbo. As they say, a pass is a pass. As far as the pass result having an impact on future employment, I have never heard of an employer showing any interest in the actual mark as long as you have satisfied the CASA requirements for the issue of a licence. Also, your testing officer is likely to concentrate on the practical skills required for you to function as a pilot. You will need to read and interpret a meteorological message understand the operational requirements it may impose. The approved testing officers I know are all pretty practical people. Enjoy the rest of your training and put any disappointment behind you. You've passed the exam with a solid mark.


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  • Dobbo
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Dobbo replied the topic: Casa Exam

Thanks Bob.

I understand that a pass is a pass in everyday living, I wasn't certain if that carried over into the aviation world. Thanks for the sound advice and onwards and upwards as they say.



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