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CMET exam structure

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leancut created the topic: CMET exam structure

Just a heads up from my recent experience in the CPL MET exam, this aspect of which (see below) I was unprepared for but perhaps those more astute than me were already aware of...?

The exam was not 40 1-mark questions, as i assumed it would be. In my case, it was 30 questions, many of which had 2 marks attached. The 2-mark questions tended to be the more complicated ARFOR questions, especially those involving plotting weather fronts on the PCA / WAC and then answering questions based on ETA at different airfields. There were about 6 of these. There were also some answers that required a calculation to be made and then entered as a number (i.e. not multiple choice). Both of the questions i had in this format related to QNH or altitude.

Hope thats of some help to someone...

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Richard replied the topic: CMET exam structure

Thanks for the information, leancut. It will help remove some of the mystery of the exam. I am also glad to see the more complex questions getting the mark weighting they deserve.

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