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Lenticular clouds

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CANCEL SARTIME created the topic: Lenticular clouds

This is a question related to my observations rather than the CPL syllabus. I live in Griffith just near the Hay plains in NSW which is far from any significant mountain ranges; the highest ranges are about 10nm to the North-East and are only about 2000’ AMSL. On days where strong winds exist in higher levels, I’ve clearly seen what appear to be lenticular clouds forming about 20 nm South of GTH about a layer of AC. Since there are no significant hills in the area where these lenticular clouds are forming, could they be forming as a result of one air mass lifting over another air mass rather than forming as a result of orographic lift?

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  • Mister W
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Mister W replied the topic: Lenticular clouds

Sounds about right, CANCEL.
If you have an unstable layer below and stable above at high altitude, the wave can be triggered by thermodynamics from the suface.

Even though you are a long way from an obstruction significant enough to get a proper mountain wave. Mountain waves can travel hundreds of miles and only show themselves as Lenticular clouds when the waving air mass reaches somewhere with enough moisture content to produce them.

Hope this helps.

Mister W.

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